À propos de nous


Ocean of Grace TV is a Christian television. Our Web TV offers a variety of information and resources, including prayer opportunities, live broadcasting, online conferences, Christian films for children and adults, telephone training, events, information, an online bookstore, relevant articles, and much more. We believe that there is a God who loves us dearly and cares about us. The Lord, Our God wants us to talk to him as we would a friend. That’s why our mission is to teach people through our Web TV how to talk to this God (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the name of his son Jesus-Christ o Nazareth) in order to have fellowship with him.


The mission of Ocean of Grace TV is to prepare the nations of the world for the coming of Jesus-Christ of Nazareth, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone comes to know the Lord. According to Hosea 4v6 “The people are destroyed because they lack knowledge.” Indeed, lack of knowledge is one of the most well-known causes of human suffering. Therefore, Ocean of Grace TV has set itself the goal of spreading the Good News in an impactful way to bring people not only to repentance, but also to understand their lives, their problems. As far as that goes, our aim is to teach them how to pray to speak to God, in order to remedy their troubles. In carrying out our mission, our primary method is the use of mass communication and education strategic that will train Christians of all ages to understand how the principles of the Kingdom of God relate to the spheres of the world, Human effort that plays a dominant role in our world.


Our vision is to spread the word of God to the whole world and to show the children of God how to make powerful prayers that can free from then their difficulties through our broadcast channel. Beloved, the main reason why the Lord inspired me to create our TV channel is to show people how to pray and to teach them secrets that can allow a person to obtain what they dire without having to spend all his life waiting for a miracle that never comes. Our Web TV has therefore been designed for this purpose, in order to assist those who are going through difficulties and want to obtain a solution through prayer, or understand the spiritual realities that we all face today. We also want to help those who want to learn about the word of God, and train them to succeed in life. We also sell prayer books, audio and video CDs and aim to do more in the times to come by adding other services to our site. Therefore, if you are facing a situation that requires deliverance and healing, prayers or need success, protection and prosperity strategies and prayers, our channel will certainly help you understand what you are going through, in order to find solutions to your problems with God’s help. Remember that everything is possible for a believer, only if he makes good prayers and lives in obedience to divine laws. That is why we offer our services in order to equip God’s children, to teach them to pray and show them how to develop a serious relationship with God, instead of putting their trust in man.


Our team is made up of several people working in harmony in several countries of the world, such as Canada, Ivory Coast, the United States of America, France, England, French Guiana, Belgium, Italy, Martinique, Switzerland, Guadeloupe, India, Sri Lanka, etc.


Euloge Ekissi has founded Ocean of Grace since 2017. He is an evangelist, author, composer, songwriter, and speaker. After spending many years praying and sharing his knowledge with God’s children with the aim of teaching them to aim high and live better since the years 2002, Euloge Ekissi has discovered secrets that many people have used to reach their goals. The success of this courageous man, endowed with knowledge, to combine dynamism and rigor of work is the proof that every man has chances to succeed in all things, provided that one gives oneself wholeheartedly in the realization of his vision or his dream. Euloge Ekissi has the gift of giving prayers, which can enable a person to obtain instant answers in order to find solutions to the difficulties of life. He is a born motivator, with a wisdom allowing people around him to untie the chains of disappointments and delays that life imposes on human beings to see the best that dwell within them.

Ninety-eight percent of people, who have been in contact with Euloge Ekissi from near and far, in several countries of the world, have all been transformed for having applied his advice and prayers. His prayers are so effective that they allow people to come out of their difficulties quickly if they respect and carry out his instructions. Whether they are servants of God or faithful to churches, ordinary people having no knowledge of the word of God, all those who have had the chance to pray with Euloge Ekissi, or have received his teachings, have all testified that he has unique potential, and are convinced that he is the person through whom God has transformed their lives.